wishing on the boho tree.


We wanted to adorn our tree with ornaments made from wood this year. Part of our longing and hope to preserve Mother Earth. Wanted to share a few of my favorites.

I love hearing Boho Boy share with me each year how him and his family would go find a Christmas tree with roots still attached and after the holidays they would plant it on their property. Not all of them survived but most of them did and their home is now an enchanting forest of holiday memories.

I hope someday to be able to do that with our own wee family. We have dreams of living out in a country, not far from ocean and mountains where most of our food comes from our own garden. I see myself learning how to sew, so I can design and create adorable organic clothes for our family and friends. I see Cedar with nature at his footsteps where he can roam and explore his imagination, like Boho Boy and his brother were able to do growing up.

This is my official wish for the New Year...that this dream of mine begin to percolate and evolve and come to fruition...someday, somehow, somewhere.

Oh and our country cottage-y hobbit home of sorts must be close enough to a city, so I can also get my funk and groove on. ; ) Yes, there ARE places that embody all of this magic. I have been to them. I swear.

Do you have any wishes to share? Make a wish on the Boho Tree. ; )