cedar, 12.5 months, taken with phone

I just had to post this shot I took a few days ago. He looks so elfish and this is why my family calls him a gnome or a wood nymph or a faerie. Its the ears, I think...non?

We're in teething heaven (not). They're popping out everywhere...all at once. That and growing pains. Yesterday he suddenly seemed so tall. Overnight. He is now officially as tall as the tip of my head to my lower waist, if not further.

He also has the chunkiest feet ever. Super wide with a ginormous big toe. A toe that when he was first born, the doctor said "I hope he grows into this toe...its huge." We all laughed. But seriously Flinstone feet all. the. way. They haven't fit in any baby shoes. I was beginning to worry until yesterday, we popped into a cool store and the owner spent time with us, measuring his feet, laughing with me at how chunky they are and fitting him into some funky wide shoes. Shoes that rock his feet like a rock star. He kept swinging his newly adorned feet while in the grocery cart at Trader Joes. We've been happy with bare feet or thick socks but we're going to the bottom of the Sierra Foothills next week to be with the family, where there is ice on the ground and possible snow fall and his feet just need shoes. We're not in Southern Cali anymore Toto.

Oh and Healthy Time Maple Teething Biscuits (that he is eating above) are fabulous. They make my son smell like a pancake drenched in maple syrup.