a peek into our home.

our living/family room

All day today I have felt so filled up by the circling of empathy and support in my previous post. So much so that I actually felt really energetic today. To be walking around in a body that wants to dance to music and move furniture and gasp...even decorate (!) felt fabulous.

I am often brought to my knees with awe at how powerful just being understood, fully understood can be. I am in love with the synchronicity of me spilling my heart and at the same time, those that read my words are in the same. exact. space. This has happened quite often in this space and when it does, I always envision this ginormous circling of souls around the globe. Each of us holding hands, lifting one another up and holding one another close. Because that is what it feels like.

Cedar has been going through a phase where he is falling on his head and nose a lot. I think its the space between crawling and standing and all the in between. So, yesterday I decided to move stuff around and surround our space with more cushion, perhaps a rug and some more warmth. I was so pleased I wanted to share it with you today. Because well, if it wasn't for you...I may have not had the inspiration to get moving on this project!

Many of you have asked me to share images of my home and I have been shy to do this. Today it felt right. So, I am sharing with you the space in our loft where we tend to spend most of our time these days. Someday soon I will share with you the upstairs where our studio is and perhaps even a peek into our indigo bedroom.

You will see that it is important to me to fill my home with the warmth of my family and friends.

what sits up top an old library cabinet that boho boy brought home from work. the gorgeous lantern is from anthropologie...a christmas gift from my niece angela! the love words print is from my dear frister thea and the buddha coaster is from gorgeous blue's travels.

this is our diaper changing table. the baskets below are full of burp cloths & bibs, diapers and pajamas for cedar. it also acts as a place to put our laundry basket when i am too lazy to put clothes away. the floral bamboo shade is supposed to be on a window but i like it as art just fine. the big book shelf to the left has many vintage suitcases and bottles from both of our parents on top.

this is my family photo wall. i just started putting these up and i have many more to frame. i am just waiting to find unique frames. any suggestions? cedar's toy baskets are overflowing with sweet gifts from many of you.

cedar's play area (love his chub) and where he loves his post-nap drink.

this is our music and rocking corner. the shrine on the wall is of swirly's art. ; ) the white circled crocheted blanket was made by my sister darlene...just for cedar. the tapestry/bell hanging on the wall is from my friend marianne that she brought back from Afghanistan.

our kitchen. boho boy brought these counter tiles back from Mexico. we want to eventually paint these walls mustard yellow. the green lantern hanging is from Omi that she brought back from Turkey.

i just got this apron at cost plus world market for 50% off. aprons make me want to be in the kitchen more. ; ) i feel more sassy and creative in a foodie way (plus i am a bit of a klutz with food).

the entry way to our loft. boho boy created storage space on the right. it was a hollow wall. so he did his sexy construction thing and made three huge storage rooms and covered them with these lovely wood panels. yum! my next project is to organize them, as we have pretty much just stuffed everything in there.

As much as this feels a bit vulnerable to share the spaces we spend our hours walking around in our pj's (or naked), it feels like I am sharing parts of me that I'd love you to get to know. It has been a while since I have felt inspired to put energy into this part of my life. I have you to thank for that.

{disclaimer: my home isn't always this clean. a few hours of toddlerdom and its a lot more, shall i say layered!}