my pace.

by the sea.
cedar & me by the sea, taken by jon-erik, processed by me

I woke up feeling tender today.
It could be hormones. Or life shifts. Or dream shifts.

I took a peek outside of the cocoon I have been in. I saw friends that I love doing tremendous things. Teaching classes and workshops. Writing Finishing books. Inspiring the world with original ideas. Being their beautiful, yummy selves that always attracted me to them in the first place. I felt a swell of happiness for them. Humbled they are in my life...and that I have been a witness to their tremendous growth in how they teach me and teach others with all that they are.

Then I looked within and noticed I wasn't feeling enough. That lately I haven't been doing enough. I was comparing. Something deep stirred within me. That feeling where a fire has been lit under my tush. Knowing that my ideas need to be shared. Remembering my story has purpose, as do all of ours.

Then I found this photo (above) on a CD that Boho Brother left on my desk. He took this while he was out here and I remembered what I have been doing. And that is enough.

Now as I write this, I feel more gentle with myself. Trusting that I will find that balance between raising a boy and accomplishing my creative goals. Having faith that I will be gentle when at the end of the day, if I am too exhausted to write or create, that it is okay to rest. Giving myself plenty of space to do things the way I do things...and being okay with that. Even though many of my friends are mothers too and yet still do more than me. Its okay if my pace is different.