a way you can help.

myriam & the moon, photo by andrea scher

I do not know Myriam deeply but a few of my friends walk by her side. Myriam and I have exchanged a few poetic emails and when Cedar was born, she sent him a most precious shirt which ended up suiting his spirit so. Therefor, I feel connected enough to feel perfectly comfortable traveling with her in her pocket as she ventures off to do something radically amazing in Haiti. But since I am unable to do that, one way I can be with her in spirit is to support her during this journey.

A few friends of mine, received this letter from Myriam following the earthquake:

"Hello Loves,

I have been trying to write this email to you most of this day. I don't know what to write about this devastation happening to our sisters and brothers on that tiny island. I do have family in Haiti, aunts, uncles etc. As of yet, we are not able to make contact...."
Shortly after that they received another letter....
"As of today:

My uncle Victor and Tante Mado both separately support two schools in Haiti, both have been demolished, many dead.. My uncle is housing as many children from the school as he can, all are disconnected from their own families. The shortage of water and food is chaotic and the trauma experienced is only just beginning to be understood.

My Tante Mado has 52 school girls without homes, living at the remains of their school. Another aunt, continues to wait for communication with her sister whom she was on the phone with when the quake started. It's very confusing what the best help is right now as it seems nothing is enough. Communication is so difficult, we are getting reports of deaths without any real confirmations. It is possibly the worst freakin game of grapevine every played. My heart just aches and aches, while my head spins with thoughts of how to empower myself and use all of my resources.

In speaking with family, funding is the most vital. Some are thinking beyond the disaster recovery to rebuilding homes, schools and churches......"

With our help, Myriam will be going to Haiti in March to bring joy and hope back to her community. You can read more about her deep connection to Haiti, her plans and how to donate here.

This is one way we can help and keep up with her progress and lift up and pray for her enormous generous heart.
Myriam...you move mountains.