how i move and groove.

jessamyn, canon 50d

I remember taking this photo. When she first sat down on my floor, we were concerned about the lighting. It was shining bright on one side of her face and the other was shadowed. I remember pulling the camera down and away from my face and looking into her eyes. I pressed my finger down and clicked while we were talking because I loved what I saw in our exchange. So, what you see in her gaze is real. When I showed it to her later that day, she said "that is how I see you. that is love in my eyes."

So today, when I opened this image up, that is what I saw. Not the imperfect lighting...but the love in her eyes and the softness of her soul and the beauty of her being.

I might have missed this soulful exchange if the camera was covering my eyes and I was fiddling with settings to get it just right.

These are the moments that free me up as an artist and photographer. The moments that carry no rules and no limits but just soul and play and raw exchange.

Sort of like what we teach our children about art yet we forget. We forget how to create without boundaries.

Some professionals out there may pick apart this photo like mad. But others out there will see what I see and more importantly, feel what I feel.

And this my friends, is how I move and groove with my photography.