she's here.

my sister, darlene
darlene, canon 50d

my big sister is here. arrived last night. she's still sleeping up in the loft. cedar and i have been up for two hours. i am trying so hard to be quiet but he keeps serenading her, looking up through the arched loft windows. like a little romeo to his juliet. so far not a peep from her. i see that she left the dragonfly lights on that are strung across the bed. this means she's had good dreams. the ones that are enchanting. they are magical that way.

cedar is now sitting up on his knees on boho boy's brown leather chair near the bookshelf. he is pulling down books one by one and flipping thru the pages. he always stops at wayne dyer and does more than flip. he stares. i told a friend this the other day while on the phone and she said..."he is so your child".

the window is open. last night it rained and it is still misting this morning. so the wind sounds moist. do you know what i mean? not only feels moist but sounds moist? the birds are still singing outside. there are five on the tree outside of our window. i think they too love the rain here since it rarely falls. how many birds like rain?

i just fed cedar scrambled egg whites sprinkled with goat cheese and oatmeal. also a bit of my banana with sunflower seed butter on it. our bellies are full. our hearts are full. now just if she would wake up so i can go take a shower... ; )