cedar drumming on blue, almost 19 months

My niece left yesterday. The house feels quiet. Having her here was dreamy. We spilled for hours from the deepest parts of ourselves. Cedar was so totally crushed out. I think one of the most dreamy moments was her and I cuddling on the couch watching So You Think You Can Dance and her running her fingers through my dreads, down my neck and gently scratching my back while my head was on a pillow, resting on her lap. I don't remember the last time this was done for me. Boho Boy is a wonderful cuddler but not really a back scratcher. Neither am I but Angela inspired me to do this for those I love. She shared with me that she does this with her girlfriends and her boyfriend. She has such a giving heart. It felt intimate and soft and I melted into her while she did it for a full hour. This was my favorite moment. We ate delicious vegan meals and shared recipes. I feel so full of excitement for her adventure in Thailand approaching and so giddy that she found a life partner to share these experiences with.

my niece & cedar
angela & cedar, taken with phone

This morning I met with an old friend I worked with at the Gap in Northern California. Did you guys know I worked there? Yes. For five years. Both the Gap and Banana Republic. Boho Trivia! Her name is Jen and she was the visual coordinator there. I always admired her for her artsy ways and her wit and beauty. We also shared a passion for Deaf culture and sign language and went to school for this together. The best part of this relationship was that we were friends for a year before we discovered we were related. Her Aunt walked into the Gap while we were both greeters but she was not only her aunt, she was my sister's grandmother thru her marriage. It was awesome.

Today we snuggled under an umbrella outside of Java Mama with her preteen boys and Cedar. He is in a tender space right now while he is teething again but they were so gentle and determined to befriend Cedar. Within an hour, they were all on the ground, helping Cedar draw on a magazine.

orange tube
tender bean today at the java mama playground outside

Oh, speaking passion of his. Cedar drawing. He wants to do it all day long. With crayons or pens. He actually stays on the paper and is so precise. Jen was blown away.

Anyways, so neat to connect with an old friend and be reminded that she witnessed the first time I ever got sick from alcohol when the Gappers took me out for my 21st birthday. I was a good little Christian girl that didn't party. They were determined to get me drunk. It worked.

Now she sits across from me years later, as a glowy, soft, warm and gentle mother-spirit that is beginning a journey eating Vegan. I marvel at how life and friendships ebb and flow and journey off and come back again to find even though I have evolved into a completely different spirit, so has she and we connected on another level.

Have a weekend full of sweet, breezy moments of breathing deep and letting it flow and reconnecting with a sweet part of your past.

java mama cafe
jen, her boys & cedar at java mama