cedar eating celery.
cedar eating celery at our friend's house in santa barbara

Today was spent settling back in after being gone for a long weekend in Santa Barbara. It was really dreamy being there. So many wonderful memories. Not only the place where I met my darling husband but also the place where I came to heal, driving down from Berkeley, without much of a plan. I was 30 years old and ready to spread my wings and start a new chapter in my life. Our time there was spent reveling in many heart soaked, late night talks and also drinking a mouth watering smoothie called Betterfinger at Blenders in the Grass. Its like a liquid Butterfinger but healthy...sort of. Fresh squeezed carrot juice, peanut butter and frozen soy blend. Who would have thought?

I am going to do a vlog for you hopefully tomorrow. I want to connect with you in that way. It feels more intimate and raw.

I would also love to hear from you. Even if it is just a simple hello. Say hi and where you are from or tell me something yummy about your day. I love to bridge that gap between writer and readers from all over the globe. I am equally inspired by the way you all seem to come here and spread your gentle wisdom and comfort and love. Do say hello in the comment section. Let me see you! Even you shy beans!

p.s. don't you just LOVE the door in this photo? it is at our friend's house in SB. its also rounded at the top. so so so dreamy.