ummm...what SHE said.

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i am a tree lovin' nerd

My friend Stacy and I sent one another a few VERY raw videos today. Raw meaning, just woken up, no make-up, scratching our head, interruptions from our kid, accidentally spitting on the screen while talking, showing one another our body bits that we oh so want to send love to right now and just keeping it real. It was so healing and it inspired me to finally download Skype so that I could connect with my lovelies more often this way. Been feeling a bit isolated lately and in chattering away to the laptop camera, changing subjects every few moments, just SO excited to be SHARING with her, I realized I feel a bit lonely for this connection.

Many of you have asked me where I am at with eating Vegan or flirting with the Kind Diet. I haven't yet been able to put it all into words because I am still in it, feeling it out, petting its hills and valleys, making love to new flavors and being kind to myself in the process. Re-learning a new way of taking it day by day. Not being so extreme. Creating a balance around my choices and allowing it to be a process, a journey and not so much a diet depriving myself of something I crave or need.

So, since I feel unable to be clear about it with all of you right now, I wanted to direct you over to Stacy's post. She expressed it all so much better than I ever could. I feel as though my heart is so in harmony with where hers is in all of this. She was the one who inspired me to get the Kind Diet book in the first place and encouraged me to try this approach because her and I are all about kindness and gentleness.

She and I always seem to be walking side by side when it comes to food.  We even took a Raw cooking class together in Los Angeles.  Tried the Blood Type Diet together and oh so many others.  But this time this way of eating feels different for us.  Not like something we're trying but something we're living and breathing and it sort of feels in a way how we felt when our babies finally came into our, "there you are!".  It just makes sense.  Okay, so maybe not as intense as when our babies came but you know what I mean.  It just feels so aligned with our approach to love and connection.

So, how is my Vegan journey going?  Ummm...what SHE said.

; )

Bonus Cedar photo :: I think he knows he is cute.

i think he knows he is cute.