Cedar...The Boy.








I've been so lazy about getting what we call my "big camera" out to take photos of Cedar. I've been snapping sometimes hundreds of photos a day of him with my Palm Pre phone and sending them to family and friends. Its easier. Its practical. Its faster.

Although, today I realized how much I miss my big camera. Deeply miss this integral part of who I am. Lately I've been more into writing than this other part of my creative spirit. Today, it spilled open when I captured my son. Seeing him through my lens made me realize he is no longer a baby, really...but a boy.

I feel like something cracked open in me.  Now I am beginning to look around me, again...and long to capture the romance that I see...in everything.  I feel more willing to add extra weight to my bag.  Now that my "boy" is more independent, there is more space to hold my other baby.  The big camera baby that I cherish so.

Today, after clicking away, I paused and observed him as a boy and not a baby.  I got a bit weepy.  He noticed something different about mommy's eyes.  They had water in them.  I said "mommy is crying"...and he went over to the bookshelf and handed me this book.  He's so connected.

Here are some Cedar-isms that are emerging lately...

  • He likes to make ramps out of his books to let his cars loose on.
  • He's really into his Helicopter book.
  • When classical music is playing, he closes his eyes and sways his head from side to side.
  • He now loves to dramatically move his body on the floor with dance fingers and flips, just like the dancers on SYTYCD.
  • He is not cool about daddy snuggling mommy unless he is part.
  • When he sees someone new, he hands them the toy in his hand.
  • He speaks his own language when flipping pages of a book.  It might be part Japanese.
  • He loves to share his food.
  • When he is coloring, he wants to make sure all sitting around him has a crayon too.
  • He will only drink with a straw.
  • When he sips water, he follows it up with "ahhhhh".
  • He thinks he is really funny and laughs at himself all.the.time.
  • His favorite things to play with are airplanes, helicopters, balls, automobiles, books, drums, guitars and stuffed animals.
  • He's super clumsy because his feet and toes are HUGE.