august break*

Cedar, 20 months ~ August Break #1

I decided to participate in my dear friend Susannah's August Break for three reasons: I love supporting her. I love community. I get to use my Big Camera every day!!

So I will be posting one photo a day on my blog, all through August. Some may have words. Some may just have the image itself. Images alone speak volumes, yes? This is perfect timing for me to use this as an excuse to bond with my BC (big camera). It will also free up some time for me to finish up a few projects.  It will also invite you into the intimate moments of my every day.

All of your kind words about my images of Cedar in the last post really melted me deep.  It is stirring up a passion within me to capture my life in a way that I haven't in a long while.  So thank you.  I am grateful for your encouragement and support.

My mother in law is coming tomorrow for a week!  Perhaps I'll capture her without her knowing.  Her eyes are stunning like my boys.

See you tomorrow. xo

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i will still be answering your questions. i promise i haven't forgotten.  its a years worth of writing material for me.  ; )