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hello lovelies out there in cyberyumland.

ohhh...i am feeling a wee under the weather this week and i have SO many delicious questions to answer that you have asked.  although, what my mama intuition is telling me to do is rest when the babe is resting so that i can nourish myself back to feeling fully me again.

one of the questions quite of few of you asked, has me marinating and dreaming on how to spill and put it all into words:  what is my parenting style. now THAT is a juicy nectar of a question.

i LOVE hearing other souls define how they parent and guide and teach little ones.  so, over the next few days as i rest, can you share with me what your styles, dreams are for the wee ones in your life?  i am not only speaking to parents, but caregivers of all types (grannies, aunties, friends of wee ones) and those that imagine having children someday and what they dream of being like as a parent.  the beautiful, as well as the messy parts.

i know this can feel overwhelming to answer.  i feel a bit of that too.  so, even if you share one sentence, a poem, a vision, a teeny piece of the huge puzzle.  i know so many would feel blessed by whatever you can share.  i know i am always feeling blessed by your stories because i never claim to have the answers.  i try my best to live each day open to the lessons of teaching and being taught.  trying not to put anything into a box or a specific idea and allowing my experiences to guide and help me evolve.  perhaps that is my answer.  i will think more on it.

you share first...