august break #5: daddy reading to him this morning, canon 50d

A week ago, we were watching a documentary about dinosaurs on the History Channel. Cedar was completely enamoured, even when over and over there were frightening Dinosaurs roaring at the screen with saliva dripping from their teeth. It frightened me more than Cedar. He just roared right back and clapped and twirled and made new Dino friends in his imaginary world.

So, yesterday we felt it was appropriate to take him to the Dinosaur exhibit at our local Natural History Museum. It was a blast.  We let him lead the way and it was so fun following him around with the camera.  Although, I forgot my BC (big camera) and had to settle for my phone and none of them turned out that well but I will post a few just for fun.  He was pointing and squealing and even checking out the written descriptions on each creature.  So fascinated and it was contagious. 

My favorite part was when Cedar turned the corner on the top floor and saw the ginormous shark hanging from the ceiling.  He pointed and screamed in an excited way and everyone around him laughed and joined his enthusiasm.  This one sweet man strolling by him in a wheelchair looked at Boho Boy and said "that was the best reaction ever." 

Dinosaur Exhibit