drinking flowers*

inspired action.
me at a cafe a few days ago

Listening to Safri Duo ~ Samb Adagio while writing this. Go check it out. You can't help but groove.  Soooo awesome.  Whenever I see drumming like this, I think of my husband.  Someday we'll have a basement where he can play LOUD and to his heart's content.  Or do something like the video I linked.  Out in a wide open field.  ; )

I wanted to share with you guys something amazing that is shifting my well being in a beautiful way these days. I was mentioning to a friend that I was using Rescue Remedy for stress and she suggested I also try Lotus Wei flower elixirs.

Oh. my.

I am hooked.

So far, near me at all times is Inspired Action (which I use when I am about to work on some projects), Pure Energy, when I am feeling lazy and lethargic and Quiet Mind when I want to peace-out or am having trouble sleeping.  I really notice a difference and it feels so good in and on my body.  Who doesn't love flowers and who wouldn't want to DRINK them in?  Mmmmm...nature is truly our best medicine. 

Katie, the Founder and Formulator is such a radiant being and she sends the sweetest notes along with her elixir-gems.  I am saving up to try every single one.  If you decide to try them out, do let me know what you think.