a glimpse of our morning...

cedar sun1
cedar, 22 months, canon 50d

cedar sun5

cedar sun2

cedar sun3
{check out his new pointy teeth up top coming in!}

cedar sun4
{wearing mama's Om pendant}

He has a new joke. He stands in our bathroom and waves hello and then shuts the door on our face. He thinks it is hilarious and giggles behind the door. He also does it when the bathroom lights are out and we are amazed that the pitch blackness never frightens him. Brave boy.

Do take notice of his ginormous toe.  When he was born, the doc said laughing "I hope he'll grow into this toe".  Ummm...not yet, doc.  ; )

cedar & our bathroom door

And as always, to keep it real...

Here he is, after mommy took over a hundred photos. He was DONE and let me know it with a wee meltdown by laying down on the floor kicking and screaming and then standing up and speaking his truth. ; )

keepin' it real.

So I took him to the beach to ease his melty downishness...

cedar surf
"mommy, i want to do THAT when i grow up!"