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embroidery thread in my dreadies.



My sister Dar was in town this week. She is a crafty goddess. It all comes natural to her (me...well, i have to work at it). When I told her about my circle of dread sisters and their ideas on how to adorn their dreads, she was inspired. Off to the craft store we went and I got to pick out all these pretty colors of embroidery thread. It was like a candy store. I could have taken them all home but I'm not really wanting a rainbow head. ; ) Just splashes of color here and there and a few that really stand out. I tried to get colors that went with the tones of my hair...except one green one. I heart green. My walls will tell you so.

I wanted to share a few pictures of it with you. A few with them up and one with them down, so you can see how they lay.

She took an embroidery needle (they are big) and after pulling the thread through the eye of the needle, she poked it in and out at the root of my dread and then criss-crossed the thread all the way down to where the knots stop (i have loose hair at the ends). Then she knotted it at the bottom but also closed it tight with a small black rubber band. I am curious how long they will stay in. I will have to be gentle when I wash my hair.  I was in need of some nourishing girl pamper time.  She made me feel like a medieval goddess.

Our time together was full of warmth and laughter.  She once taught preschool and elementary, so it is so inspiring to watch her interact with Cedar on the floor.  I learned a lot from her and so did he.  Within a few days, he was saying new words.  I also noticed he is a lot more animated in her presence.  He loves to entertain:  Throws his arms about while giving a speech, makes as many facial expressions as he can so we will laugh at him, uses objects as microphones to pretend he is on stage talking into them, also uses objects and pretends they are phones and while he chats away, he throws his head back in laughter.  Does mommy do that?  He must have got it from somewhere.  ; )

Darlene was often tackled with hugs and smothered with kisses.  I so adore that he is warmly affectionate...with humans, animals and stuffed animals.  She shares a bit about her time in our home on her blog here.  It means so much to have her here helping with Cedar so I could do things I normally wouldn't.  I really desire to be very present with him during our days...especially as he is sponging everything in around him.  So, sometimes laundry and cleaning take a back seat until nap time or when daddy comes home.  Dar gave me the freedom to work about the house.  Also, it was just so wonderful to have company.  I've been feeling lonely lately for in person friendship.  I know this will be more available to me when we move but right now, it's a bit rough.  My cup feels full.

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