rockin' a vest*





The unique, funky, fun and creative owner of Poor Pitiful Pearl sent me a vest made just for Cedar to model it for her shop. She's going to start designing clothes for boys and this was a bit of a test run.  Well, I had never tried a vest on Cedar and now I am in LOVE...and he totally dug it too.  I encourage you to look at her gorgeous duds.  She takes thrift shop finds and pieces them apart to make the most adorable, sexy and fun stuff.  Really groovy.

My sister is here this week, so I may be a bit quiet. Today I am coloring my hair with natural dye from Whole Foods and we're going to wrap embroidery thread around some of my dreads. We picked up some really gorgeous colors from a craft store last night. I've been in a bit of a slump with being creative with my hair and a circle of dread sisters in my life have inspired and encouraged me to PLAY.

I will announce the winner of the giveway (below) very soon. Just go to the bottom of that post.

Sending all of you groovy love.