prayers for marmie*

marmie & me... a few months ago

Dear prayer warriors, change makers, healing spirits and positive affirmational souls ~

I am calling on all of you to lift my marmie up in your thoughts and prayers.  She's been ill for a while now and her immune system is breaking down and on top of that, got salmonella poisoning last week and dropped an alarming amount of weight.  With all of her winter clothes and shoes on, she weighed a bit over one hundred pounds, which tells us that she is below 100.  It really hit me when we skyped yesterday and I asked her to "show me your bod" (so me) and when she lifted up her shirt I hid my gasp.  Bones.  Too many bones and at her gorgeous age, she needs to be protected and warmed by muscle and at least some fat.  I tried to be positive, as you know...that is my role in the family and told her she looked beautiful and "better than I thought" but truly, it was difficult to see.  Especially because I cannot be there to bring her my healing soup and help her around the house with her very spirited puppy-dups and my dear sweet father that needs special loving care for his diabetes and back issues.

I plan on fattening her up over the holidays and I know she's counting on it too.  ; )  Another role of mine in the family!  We are wrapping her up in love and hope and prayers and I wanted to invite you to do the same, if you are moved and inspired to.

If any of you have any ideas on healthy ways to put weight on when your tummy is extremely sensitive, that would be wonderful.  She reads this blog and is very invested  in and charmed by all of you who come to this space.  She's protective of me and celebrates the gentleness and kindness that gathers here.

I told her she first needs to get better before worrying about eating foods that will pack weight on but perhaps there are ways to do both at the same time.

Thank you, lovelies...teary gratitude.

ps. do you love my new word "affirmational?" too.  ; )  and isn't my marmie just beautiful?  love her so.