my favorite part of today*

Today we went to our favorite coffee house with our extra yummy hour.

Cedar decided that he wanted to eat his bran muffin like a big boy. No more mommy and daddy putting tiny pieces in his mouth. That was SO yesterday.

He spied a little plastic cup of something white and creamy across the table. He reached for it, not taking no for an answer as we tried to explain to him it is not what he thinks it is. He insisted. So, we shrugged our shoulders and in front of him it went.

"Hmmm..." Cedar ponders. Its not sweet. Its kinda sour...

"I think I REALLY love this stuff". Although, it went more on his face than in his mouth.

Mommy and daddy looked like they were about to hurl from watching him lick up the sour cream and both said "yucky!!!"...which is his all time FAVORITE word and almost always produces this result...of EXTREME joy.

Another thing Cedar loves to do that daddy made up is smoosh foreheads together while we say the word "CYCLOPS!" because the other persons two eyes become one. Cedar wanted to do this with daddy.

And this is what happened (below). So I giggled and Boho Boy said with a straight face "Honey, try to take me seriously right now" and I snapped this photo:

Then Cedar wanted to play Cyclops with mommy.

And this was the result. So, I decided to share the love with you:

A few seconds after this photo of me was taken, a man holding onto a baby stood near our table looking around at the crowded restaurant. I kindly said "Sir, if you'd like to take our awesome table, we are finishing up here" and he suddenly looked scared and rushed off saying "no thanks!". I looked over at Boho Boy with puppy dog eyes saying "He was acting a bit odd" and he then said "Honey, you have sour cream all over your nose. He probably thought you were crazy."

Ohhhh...I had forgotten about the sour cream. But wouldn't you SO want the table with the sour cream smeared family? Good juju, right?

Have a wonderful Sunday and do something daring with your yummy extra hour.