awesome news*

elizabeth maccrellish, canon 50d

I am SO excited that The Journal: Volume One has won the 2010 AWARD of EXCELLENCE in the category of ART BOOKS! You can read more about it here.  When I think of this collaboration, so many warm emotions fill up inside my heart.  Elizabeth had a vision years ago of a place for people to gather and create and connect and release and rest and let go and discover more of themselves in a safe, healing and inspiring environment.  It has been thrilling to witness how her vision has interwoven with so much more than what she began with.  She is a rockstar revolution starter and someone very dear to my heart.

On another note, here is another mini list of thoughts on my heart today:

  • My favorite snack these days are seaweed snacks from Trader Joes.
  • I am amazed that Cedar loves them too.
  • I agree with Gemma and her beautiful comment in my previous post.  The connection Cedar had with that duck was definitely soul to soul.  We've gone to the pond a few more times and he was more intrigued and thrilled about being in nature than connecting with the ducks.   I think I felt it with the duck too.  I miss him deeply when we go the pond and send out hope that he is happy with his new family.
  • I am so grateful that my husband let me sleep when Cedar got up at 4:30am...even though he had to leave for work a few hours later.  I love that he understands that being with Cedar all day requires just as much energy as he needs for his day job and that sleep is precious to me in order to be present with our son.
  • He's getting a massage after work because he deserves it.
  • I'm making vegan tacos tonight.
  • I decided to not label my way of eating (vegan, vegetarian, or not, etc.).
  • Labels make me want to break the rules.  I resist being put in a box.  Always have.
  • I am being gentle with myself and my journey with food.
  • I am learning what foods make me feel crappy and which ones make me feel awesome.
  • Sometimes I still eat the foods that make me feel crappy because they taste so good.
  • Does that make me a pleasure junkie?  ; )
  • I love that most of my girlfriends are pleasure junkies.
  • Perhaps that is why they are my girlfriends.