new frames*

Just want you lovelies to know that Lisa Loeb is now selling frames! I fun, right? We all coveted her glasses in the 90's and now she's finally come out with her own line. I lost my glasses ages ago and have neglected to get a new pair. Now my eyesight is more messed up, so I am making an appointment with an eye doc SOON to fill these cute frames. The ones I just got in the mail are called Truthfully (and funny enough, that is the name of my favorite song of hers).  My sister also got a pair called Hello Lisa.

The photo above is me wearing my new frames but I couldn't take off her name on the glass.  ; )  Perhaps we should all walk around with little affirmations on our glasses anyways.

Wishing all of you a wild, calm, free, chill, love soaked weekend.