its all about The Mother*

I was talking to my marmie last night and she had me giggling hard. It was SO good to hear such pep in her voice. She sounded so alive. Its been a long time since I heard her excited about even the small things...a new kitchen faucet, a new vacuum and a new DRINK that has her preaching on corners. Usually I am the one that calls her with some fabulous new way of eating or herb or concoction of sorts that is supposed to transform your well being, so it was fun to be on the receiving end at a time when I needed to hear it.

Some of you may remember my post a bit ago about her health. Well, she has been healing slowly and has put back on some of her weight that she lost but it is what she recently discovered that is accelerating her healing. She's been drinking Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar every morning. She said within 3 days, she found herself doing more around the house and then eventually she noticed she had long periods of energy bursts and overall her well being feels more balanced.

I phoned her the other day a bit of a weepy mess. For months now, I have felt constant flu-like symptoms. Sort of like a cold that is about to explode but it never goes too far. We got a new health insurance and I am not too crazy about our doctor. He just seems so disinterested and unhappy with his own lot. So of course we always think about my naturopath. I have complete faith in her work and her mind and her drive and her care of me. But our insurance doesn't cover its always about saving and waiting. Anyways, I was crying to my marmie on the phone. Just needing to be heard and to list all the weird things I am feeling in my body: sore throat, headache, achy bones, exhaustion...even when I get a full night's rest, stuffy head, heavy chest and how sometimes its not that noticeable and sometimes it makes me crash but never enough to completely freak me out until recently. Mainly the last few months I have been so focused on Cedar and Boho Boy has had his own health issues, that I just sort of fluffed it off to allergies or asthma (which I have had all of my life). So she listened intently and told me to contact my naturopath pronto. Its funny how sometimes all you need is a little push from your mother. I wrote my naturopath that evening.

The next day I received a note back and she asked me about the air quality in our home because my symptoms lead her to believe it may be contributing. Then it was like my eyes opened up wider and a fog slipped away and for the first time that made the most sense to me. Five or so months ago, we had to rip apart parts of walls for a plumbing issue. Huge chunks of drywall missing and lots of open exposure in four different rooms. Well, the holidays happened and then life got incredibly busy and we both simply forgot about it, even though it is glaring us in the face every day. The air quality in our home must completely suck and neither one of us even thought of it or attributed it to our most recent health issues. This is SO not like us to not be mindful about this stuff (especially my husband), so it goes to show you how foggy brained we have been.

We are on top of it, getting it fixed right away but what is interesting, is even just the awareness that this is what is mostly likely causing so much of what we've been going through, has felt healing. We feel terrible about not being more mindful about it...more importantly for Cedar and thank goodness he has a stellar immune system and has not been ill.

A huge weight has been lifted from me because part of me felt I was going mad and wondering how on earth I was feeling so crappy when I have been putting a lot of intention into being healthy and natural in all ways. Anyways, when I talked to my mother to tell her what we think it might be, she was so relieved and agreed it made perfect sense and then went on and on about Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar. ; ) She got me so pumped about it that I took Cedar to Whole Foods right when I got off the phone with her to pick up a bottle.

She said "make sure it says 'with The Mother' on the bottle. It's all about The Mother!!" And getting off the phone with her I thought to myself how right she is.

Today was my first day drinking it. I find it lighter tasting than Kombucha. Kombucha always made me feel drunk. Which is awesome and fun but not conducive to my life right now. ; )

I will let you know how awesome I feel on this stuff.  See...I am already manifesting.

You can read about the benefits here.

So, this is what she's been drinking every morning...

  • 8oz cold water
  • 2 tsp Bragg's ACV
  • 2 tsp organic honey (preferably local)
  • stir well until dissolved. tastes better with straw!  make sure to do it in morning or early afternoon.