snapshots of Boho Toddler.

{an emotional goodbye with daddy at the airport}

{auntie dd & cedar hanging out on a front loader at the farm}

{playing the chase game with auntie la la in the almond orchard}

{reading with grandmarmie...she is still uber skinny but is on the way to healing and getting better! cedar is wearing his fisherman pants and a kicky pants shirt he got from grandmarmie for his birthday}

{a new game that cedar invented. we call it the "hug train"...uncle marky, auntie dd & cedar}

{the country glow that we always get while at the farm.  shirt from Splendid Littles.  scarf handmade last year by his auntie pammie and hat from canada is a gift from uncle jon-erik/boho brother}

{grandmarmie brought over a box so that he could play house. we all decided to color it. uncle marky is such an artist and drew a gorgeous tree on one side}

{cedar and me one FREEZING morning at the farm saying hello to the doggies Pandora & Zeus. lion hat and sweater from Baby Gap}

{snuggling up all warm and cozy inside with auntie la la}

{his favorite game that uncle jj taught him...throwing stones in the pond. here he is with auntie dd trying to make bubbles with each throw. cedar is wearing fisherman pants and sweater from Baby Gap}

{grandmarmie & cedar watching the doggies in the morning run like crazy around the orchard}

{mommy loves this canadian hat from uncle jon-erik that just covers his cold little ears. scarf made by auntie pammie and striped shirt from Target}

{reading on the airplane ride home...just like his daddy}

{we had a few emotional days while adjusting to travel and teething. he is a trouper. "compassion" shirt from Joy Spread the Word and custom Tree hat from Everyday Beautiful.}

{taken this morning and in better spirits. wearing his new kicky pants shirt that auntie dd got for his bday, fisherman pants and shoes from Bobux}

here is a video from today of my boys jamming together:

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