a new beginning*

oh my goodness.  We have all been crashed out sick over here.  All with the same things, same symptoms.  Sinus Infection, Acute Bronchitis, etc.  Going round and round and our home conditions not helping.  But mama finally got it BAD after taking care of my boys.  I even had to postpone a visit from one of my sisters because we are so concerned this viral thing is too catchy and that is the last thing she needs. So now I am laid up for a few days and my honey love is home with me being a sexy boy nurse and my sweet son is being VERY patient with me not being able to play too much with him.  But I did get out the paints yesterday...so we could both get some fresh air and do something gentle.  I am so warmed in the heart to see Cedar getting braver and braver with his tactile sensitivities.  He loves painting but has had some episodes where he melted down when paint touched him.  So we tried other things but he kept going for the brush.  I always follow his lead with his interests.  I have watched him work through it on his own and yesterday, he actually found some humor in it...and it was awesome to see.

We are here for one more month and then we're headed to WASHINGTON...omg.  So so so excited.  In the meantime, we have stocked up with an herbal pharmacy of immunity building goodness.  As of right now, I had to give into the Western approach and take the antibiotics (Cedar too) but once we lick this thing and move to fresh Washington air, we will put our intentions into maintaining wellness within our bodies, minds and souls.  We are so craving a change.  Our gypsy hearts are aching for a new beginning.  I've already connected with three lovely souls that live there and I am not even there yet.  This place is full of kindred spirits and an energy that pulls you in.  I have sweet visions of Boho Boy kayaking as the sun comes up and me jogging on the pier and Cedar running in a forest with his gnome spirit on high.

But for now, we are just focusing on purging our home, simplifying what we're bringing with us and just simply getting better.  As stressful as packing up a home and moving can be, I have been trying to stay present in the moment and live, breathe, think, DO simpler things.  Really focusing on my family and getting through each day.

April is our month to simplify.   Mmmmm.

Just for fun...what kind of home do you see us in?  We are taking our time with finding it.  We will be staying in a month to month place temporarily to give ourselves time to really get to know which neighborhood our family belongs in.

Tomorrow is my father's birthday.  We may be posting a silly video of sorts.  ; )