nourishment for a growing boy*

Our dear boy is really growing into himself and as a dear friend said to me today..."the 3 year change is HUGE...the child goes from just in the head space and begins to work his way down his body...". And that is exactly what is happening. Even now that he has found his words, he still is most comfortable expressing himself with his body. Most people that spend time with him says he has a groove when he walks. We often wonder if he will be a dancer or an actor or something where he can move every morsel of his body to express an emotion.  Since this body movement is so part of who he is, I want to nourish it deep but he has chosen this part of his life to become a picky eater.  So, I come to you mamas or caretakers to freshen up our toddler kitchen!

I would love to hear some of your creative healthy toddler recipes!  Like I always say, I know there is Google and books and all that but I always find so much wisdom here and I prefer to come here to this community first.

Cedar LOVES green smoothies, so I am golden there...but I would just be delighted to learn of some yummy snacks and meals where the veggies are there but they'd never know it.  ; )  The only veggies he will eat right now is raw carrots and sauteed kale (score!) but that's all, folks.

So, so grateful for all of you.

ps. that photo of him laying down in the Vancouver Aquarium was taken this weekend.  he decided that this would be a better view.  such a sweet moment with the line of people beside us giggling and also nodding, perhaps all wishing they could do the same.  i think next time i will.