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{all photos above are lovelies modeling accessories from Boho Chic shop}

Months ago, Amy found me on Twitter and it was her kind words that guided me to her website.  I gasped out loud when I first browsed through her shop.  Every single piece felt so kindred to my heart and how I express myself.  Her and I immediately connected, found out we both grew up in Northern California and have many other things in common.  She's a beautiful, vibrant, passionate being with such a creative vision for Bohemians.  I am so thrilled that we were able to come together and that I can offer my readers some love from this gorgeous being!!

But first, a note from Amy Waltz, designer of Boho Chic Jewelry...

portrait of amy waltz

"Amy Waltz Designs (AWD) jewelry is more than jewelry, it's a powerful reminder into our own true uniqueness. Jewelry makes us feel and look beautiful but my hope is that it will be a window into one's own inner beauty and magnificent purpose in life. Perhaps the words intertwined in the jewelry will serve as inspirational mantras or reminders. TRUST. I AM. Believe. LIFE IS A GIFT. Love your life. Fly On .....

I would love it if wearing a piece of AWD jewelry would lend you to think a little more positively, respond to yourself with a little more heart, cause you to smile more and walk a little more gently on the Earth, treat yourself and others in a gentler, kinder nature, trusting your great and wonderful purpose in this life.

I hope that by hearing the sound of it delicately ringing as you wear it, you will breath in the message and that you will remember your power, your beauty, your strength and you will embrace the day just a little more, walking a little lighter, letting go a little more, and opening yourself up to the sun on your face and the wind in your hair. And if you feel like dancing, well, then, by all means ... DANCE. And when you do, let the rhythm of your heart carry you to your place of perfect peace.

Love, light and all things wonderful, Amy Waltz"

Below are a few yummies I own from Amy. She made me a custom design Boho Girl necklace (and decided to add it to her shop!) that I am in LOVE with and am wearing as I type this.  It goes with every*thing and I can layer it with other necklaces.  Her rustic style is prrrfect for me and I feel the good vibrations of her work on my skin.  Mmmmm.

hippie headband

garden fairy necklace

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