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guest post by sas petherick

Can you imagine how freeing it would be, to feel completely at home in your body?

What could you do, and who would you be, if you fell passionately in love with yourself: yourbody and your life? It is my humble and considered view that you would beun-freakin-stoppable!

I want you to know that you can have a conscious, trusting, peaceful relationship with your body.


My life's mission has been to love all of myself: to be enough for me. I want this for you too. And so I'm combining a coaching toolbox the size of Texas and my own favourite practices, in an online course called emBODYment - for any woman who wants Body Peace.

We'll explore the big dreams you have for yourself, you'll learn how to choose your thoughts,how to tune into your body’s wisdom, feel your feelings, create more joy in your life and live on purpose.

Everyone will get a gorgeous coaching journal packed full of exercises and ideas. Plus there is group coaching, meditation, and a supportive community all available in our private website.

Here's a little morsel of the Coaching Journal, just for you.

Using the tools I am sharing in emBODYment, I have been able to lose 65 pounds. But so much more than this, I am creating a life that fulfils me more than I ever thought possible. I feel more ‘me’ than I ever have.

emBODYment will start on the 20th of May - it's going to be six weeks of awesome.

Hope to see you in class :)

There are fifty places available - enrollment is open!


Big love, Sas Petherick is a writer and coach: a Life Transformer for people who want an Amplified Life full of woo hoo! moments. She spent almost twenty years helping thousands of people navigate change in their place of work, before a combination of loss and grief prompted her own transformation path. A CTI trained Co-active Coach, Sas is currently training with Martha Beck’s Life Coaching Programme.

 As well as emBODYment, Sas is coaching one-on-one and will be co-hosting Redfox Retreats in October 2013 with Susannah Conway and Meghan Genge. You can find out more at and on the twits @saspetherick

GIVEaway rules:

  • :: Three chances to enter ::
  • To enter for a spot in Sas's course, please leave a comment
  • If you Tweet about it, leave a second comment that you've tweeted
  • If you Facebook about it, leave a third comment that you've FB'd
  • Comments will remain open until 10pm PST Sunday, May 5th
  • Winner will be announced Monday, May 6th
  • Winner is Hollie from In a little green house! Congrats! We will contact you shortly. ; )

guest post & giveaway*


Shortly after I moved to Washington, I hired Stephanie as my holistic health coach and we had an immediate kindred connection. She has been such an amazing support to me in my life over the past few years, that I wanted to spread the love and support her latest yummy adventure and share it with all of you. I'm so excited to take this e-course!

************** Hello Lovelies!

I'm Stephanie, a certified holistic health and lifestyle coach and one half of the team Feathering the Nest, a new e-course I developed with the lovely Leah Kent of Skill It. Leah and I both have backgrounds in the arts as well as plenty of hours logged in the kitchen developing recipes for our clients. We were drawn together by our shared passion for making our homes into nuturing soul spaces. We think the things you choose to surround yourself with have a profound affect on your mind and body. We want your home to not only reflect the beauty inside of you, but nourish and give back to you, in a way that will transform how you move into each day.


Feathering the Nest will be an eclectic two week journey through your home, a sensual path to self discovery. We will be creating beautiful things for our homes with our own hands, getting cozy with really fun and intuitive writing exercises and cooking up some delicious recipes. You'll also receive beautiful printables to use over and over as you explore your nesting style. We are going beyond just aesthetics and finding our own unique path by tapping into feng shui, numerology and chakra wisdom. You'll gain entrance into a sacred online space to share your experience, pictures and inspirations with kindred souls.


Whether you space is large or small, rented or owned, we think you are going to love learning how to infuse each corner with your essence to create a sanctuary for you and all who inhabit it. To learn even more, visit us over here at the class site!

Today we are excited to announce that we are giving away a chance to win ONE seat in the class to one of you (a $59 value)!

There are three options to enter the GIVE-away:

  • Leave a comment here on Denise's blog, telling us what room needs some loving in your house
  • Tweet about the give-away using hash-tag #featheringthenest and come back here to tell us
  • Post on Facebook about the giveaway and come back here to tell us

You may absolutely do more than one of these options for a second or third chance to win the seat. Winner will be chosen at random the evening of Thursday, March 28th. They will be sent an email with details immediately.

There is more! As a special thank you to each reader of Denise's poetry, we are honored to offer a 15% discount on the class. Please use the code: BOHOGIRL at checkout to receive your discount!!


Stephanie Perkinson

Instagram: StephPerkinson Twitter: StephPerkinson Facebook: Wellness by Design – with Stephanie Perkinson

Leah (Cherry) Kent

Twitter: Skillitchef Facebook: Skill It

{The winner is Bea...congrats! You will be contacted shortly}

sponsor GIVEaway*

designs by Moorea Seal

Moorea and I are so excited to offer this giveaway. She is inspired by the energy here in this space and her designs are guided by the bohemian woman. I'm so drawn to the elegance of her boho style.

There are 3 different ways for you to enter this giveaway for a $50 gift certificate! Feel free to enter all 3 different ways, leaving 3 different comments to let us know all the ways you have entered. Up your chances! Please note, there will be ONE WINNER. One person will win the gift certificate. Thanks lovelies!

ENTRY #1: Visit Moorea's shop and leave a comment here letting us know which item in her shop is your favorite! ENTRY #2: Tweet about this giveaway and leave a second comment here letting us know. ENTRY #3: Post about this giveaway on Facebook and leave a third comment here letting us know. Update: WINNER is Katie Cartwright!  Moorea will contact you very soon

Sponsor GIVEaway ~ Gypsy Wings*

{skeleton leaf necklace}

I am so thrilled to be offering this GIVEaway in my space. Georgia (the designer) is one of my favorite people in the Universe. We have a long history in this internet space. She's always been one to keep me laughing even when things are hard and mucky. She reminds me to find humor in everything and to laugh at myself often. Laughter is my medicine. It takes one to know one. I've been blessed enough to be near her in person a handful of times and this woman is the real deal. She's the kind of gal that will bring you a coffee and a warm hug in the early morning before your flight home. So generous, so true to everything she is passionate about and pours her heart, hands and soul into.

Meet the love-ely Georgia:

georgia cranston "I am a mama, a dreamer, a lover, an avid reader, an artist and a writer…

I am a photographer, I chase light and capture moments.

I believe in faeries, and magic.

I like to bask in the glow of a full moon, and dip my toes into the ocean."


Skeleton Leaf Necklace

"There is something so lovely and delicate about a skeleton leaf. The intricate design of the veins, the transparency...

This necklace has a pendant with a unique metal frame and an off white skeleton leaf encased between 2 pieces of glass. The chain is approximately 24 inches and has an antique silver finish and has wooden and glass leaf shaped beads, in shades of green, brown and gold.

This necklace will look amazing paired with earthy colors, or even a simple black top and jeans. People will be amazed at its simple elegance.

In addition to the GIVEaway, this week Boho Girl's readers can enjoy 10% off of any item in my shop when using the coupon code BOHOBLOG at checkout! Also, because I am loving it so much, I am including a 5ml bottle of doTerra Wild Orange essential oil. This essential oil is calming and uplifting to the body and mind."


Here is me wearing (today, in fact! serendipity!) a butterfly wing pendant design she made just for me. I love love love it and the magic it offers me.

GIVEaway rules:

  • To enter for the Skeleton Leaf Necklace, please leave a comment
  • One comment per person, please
  • Comments will remain open until Friday morning
  • Winner will be announced Friday


Winner: #30...Carey.  I will get you in touch with Georgia, Carey!  Congrats. xoxo

winner ~ boho chic jewelry*

The winner of the $50 credit to Amy's Boho Chic shop is the 82nd commenter, Penny!

Congrats, Penny. You will be contacted by Amy to discuss details.

Amy also wanted to extend a 25% discount at her shop to all of my readers! Just use the code "bohochic25" when checking out. She was so moved and touched by all of your kind words... "Please tell them how much I have enjoyed reading their words. I would have loved to have written a personal note to each of them for the beauty they gave me."

Other ways you can connect to Amy are: Twitter - @amywaltzdotcom Facebook - Amy Waltz Photography & Designs

Sponsor GIVEaway ~ Boho Chic*

{all photos above are lovelies modeling accessories from Boho Chic shop}

Months ago, Amy found me on Twitter and it was her kind words that guided me to her website.  I gasped out loud when I first browsed through her shop.  Every single piece felt so kindred to my heart and how I express myself.  Her and I immediately connected, found out we both grew up in Northern California and have many other things in common.  She's a beautiful, vibrant, passionate being with such a creative vision for Bohemians.  I am so thrilled that we were able to come together and that I can offer my readers some love from this gorgeous being!!

But first, a note from Amy Waltz, designer of Boho Chic Jewelry...

portrait of amy waltz

"Amy Waltz Designs (AWD) jewelry is more than jewelry, it's a powerful reminder into our own true uniqueness. Jewelry makes us feel and look beautiful but my hope is that it will be a window into one's own inner beauty and magnificent purpose in life. Perhaps the words intertwined in the jewelry will serve as inspirational mantras or reminders. TRUST. I AM. Believe. LIFE IS A GIFT. Love your life. Fly On .....

I would love it if wearing a piece of AWD jewelry would lend you to think a little more positively, respond to yourself with a little more heart, cause you to smile more and walk a little more gently on the Earth, treat yourself and others in a gentler, kinder nature, trusting your great and wonderful purpose in this life.

I hope that by hearing the sound of it delicately ringing as you wear it, you will breath in the message and that you will remember your power, your beauty, your strength and you will embrace the day just a little more, walking a little lighter, letting go a little more, and opening yourself up to the sun on your face and the wind in your hair. And if you feel like dancing, well, then, by all means ... DANCE. And when you do, let the rhythm of your heart carry you to your place of perfect peace.

Love, light and all things wonderful, Amy Waltz"

Below are a few yummies I own from Amy. She made me a custom design Boho Girl necklace (and decided to add it to her shop!) that I am in LOVE with and am wearing as I type this.  It goes with every*thing and I can layer it with other necklaces.  Her rustic style is prrrfect for me and I feel the good vibrations of her work on my skin.  Mmmmm.

hippie headband

garden fairy necklace

GIVEaway Details:

  • Winner will be given a $50 credit to Amy's Boho Chic Shop
  • To enter, please leave a comment
  • One comment per person, please
  • Winner will be chosen at
  • Comments will be open until 11pm Wednesday, September 26th
  • Winner will be announced Thursday, September 27th


winner * horny toad dress!

Congrats to Cristen...winner of Horny Toad's Rosalinda dress! We will contact you via email about color, size and mailing addie. Your comment touched me so. I was jazzed that the gods heard you. ; )

REMEMBER: EVERYONE IS A WINNER! All of my readers can get $15 off of the Rosalinda dress through September 21st until midnight. Use the code: BOHOROSE!!

And ongoing, all of my readers get 20% off of any Horny Toad order.  Use code: BOHOGIRL. Enjoy lovelies!

Sponsor GIVEaway ~ hornytoad*

rosalinda dress

I have been collaborating with Hornytoad for quite some time and I am in sweet love with them.  Each person I am in contact with is so very kind and passionate and sincerely FRIENDly.  Those that work there are a family and it is so clear when you browse through their site the healthy environment they cultivate for their employees, as well as customers.  What has been fun is as I've gotten to know a few of their employees, they exude a genuine love and passion for the outdoors and life in general and inspiration to step outside and move my body oozes through our exchanges.  I mean it.  These are good good peeps.

Every piece of clothing I own from them is so very well made.  Truly stellar quality.  The type of clothing that would last you years and be your fave piece that you will wear to the bone and maybe even patch up the holes.  What I love most is that they flatter my curves.  Most companies that design clothing made to function in the outdoors, make them with the intention that you are uber thin-fit with not a lot of curve.  Hornytoad's A-line dresses and skirts really suit my shape and their empire waist shirts and tees are perfect for my bod as well as any shape, really.  Their clothing are my perfect basics.  The ones I slip on to dress up or down or layer.  I often get stopped when wearing their dresses around here and asked about where I got my dress.  I truly cannot say enough about them and that is why they have stayed on as a sponsor and continue to collaborate with me.

Today, we are giving away the beautiful and perfectly designed Rosalinda Dress.  I have two of these and am going to get a few more in different colors.  This dress works all year long for me.  I wear it over pants or tights or with knee high boots.  The fabric is cushiony-SOFT and the colors rich.  The empire waist design makes me feel mmm mmm sexy.  Last year we gave away this dress in a short sleeve Summer version and the winner wrote me an email about how divine it is and that it is a staple in her wardrobe.

What I love even more is that Hornytoad wanted to offer something to those that didn't win.  Aren't they yummy?  So on the day I announce the winner (this Thursday), all those that did not win will get $15 off the Rosalinda Dress plus free shipping (on that day only).  When the time comes, I will post a promo code, for that discount along with the winner.  AND all my readers get 20% off of everything in the shop right now (use code BOHOGIRL). So truly...EVERYBODY WINS!  ; )

Here are a few other Hornytoad pieces that I wear all. the. time... Malena Tee Malena Tank Malena Dress Double Helix Dress Boleo Skirt Lithe Skirt

And I am really eyeing their new Muse dress. It has a pocket! These days I love dresses and skirts with pockets. I am becoming my marmie.

GIVEaway Rules:

  • To enter to win a Rosalinda Dress, please leave a comment
  • Only one comment per person, please
  • Comments will close Wednesday at 11pm
  • Winner will be chosen at
  • Winner will be announced Thursday, September 20th
  • Those that did not win, will receive a code for $15 off the same dress plus free shipping

(edited to add:  At this time, Horny Toad is unable to ship internationally.  We deeply apologize for the inconvenience.}