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I have been collaborating with Hornytoad for quite some time and I am in sweet love with them.  Each person I am in contact with is so very kind and passionate and sincerely FRIENDly.  Those that work there are a family and it is so clear when you browse through their site the healthy environment they cultivate for their employees, as well as customers.  What has been fun is as I've gotten to know a few of their employees, they exude a genuine love and passion for the outdoors and life in general and inspiration to step outside and move my body oozes through our exchanges.  I mean it.  These are good good peeps.

Every piece of clothing I own from them is so very well made.  Truly stellar quality.  The type of clothing that would last you years and be your fave piece that you will wear to the bone and maybe even patch up the holes.  What I love most is that they flatter my curves.  Most companies that design clothing made to function in the outdoors, make them with the intention that you are uber thin-fit with not a lot of curve.  Hornytoad's A-line dresses and skirts really suit my shape and their empire waist shirts and tees are perfect for my bod as well as any shape, really.  Their clothing are my perfect basics.  The ones I slip on to dress up or down or layer.  I often get stopped when wearing their dresses around here and asked about where I got my dress.  I truly cannot say enough about them and that is why they have stayed on as a sponsor and continue to collaborate with me.

Today, we are giving away the beautiful and perfectly designed Rosalinda Dress.  I have two of these and am going to get a few more in different colors.  This dress works all year long for me.  I wear it over pants or tights or with knee high boots.  The fabric is cushiony-SOFT and the colors rich.  The empire waist design makes me feel mmm mmm sexy.  Last year we gave away this dress in a short sleeve Summer version and the winner wrote me an email about how divine it is and that it is a staple in her wardrobe.

What I love even more is that Hornytoad wanted to offer something to those that didn't win.  Aren't they yummy?  So on the day I announce the winner (this Thursday), all those that did not win will get $15 off the Rosalinda Dress plus free shipping (on that day only).  When the time comes, I will post a promo code, for that discount along with the winner.  AND all my readers get 20% off of everything in the shop right now (use code BOHOGIRL). So truly...EVERYBODY WINS!  ; )

Here are a few other Hornytoad pieces that I wear all. the. time... Malena Tee Malena Tank Malena Dress Double Helix Dress Boleo Skirt Lithe Skirt

And I am really eyeing their new Muse dress. It has a pocket! These days I love dresses and skirts with pockets. I am becoming my marmie.

GIVEaway Rules:

  • To enter to win a Rosalinda Dress, please leave a comment
  • Only one comment per person, please
  • Comments will close Wednesday at 11pm
  • Winner will be chosen at Random.org
  • Winner will be announced Thursday, September 20th
  • Those that did not win, will receive a code for $15 off the same dress plus free shipping

(edited to add:  At this time, Horny Toad is unable to ship internationally.  We deeply apologize for the inconvenience.}