happy love day & podcasts*

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I woke a few hours earlier than usual this morning. I'm sitting at my blue picnic table that we brought inside for the winter. It fits in a womb of three windows surrounding me. My coffee is steaming up to my chin. Chickens are clucking a few feet away from me on the other side of the windows.  The upstairs so quiet, spaces filled with the breath of my boys in deep sleep.  I'm listening to a Marion Woodman podcast.

Just now she said...

"Life on this earth is a womb in which we are developing these sensibilities and sensitivities for the world that we are moving into, through the birth canal of death and those sensibilities that we have developed here that really don't seem to have any particular value on this side, on the other side, we will suddenly realize what they are about.  Just like a baby coming out of the womb, it hasn't needed its eyes and ears and senses in the womb but the minute its born, we understand why this development has been going on for nine months."

This brought me comfort this morning.  It gifted me an ease about those parts of my life that I cannot really make sense of in this moment, yet I know there is meaning and purpose I will one day understand fully.  It offers me the courage to not have to know, now, perhaps ever in this life.


I feel like I am behind the times on many things these days, one of them being Podcasts.  I have yet to indulge in them until recently.  I haven't avoided them consciously.  I just have gone throughout my day forgetting that they are out there to gift me wisdom as I move throughout my day.

A dear friend of mine has been sending me a few that have been moving her deeply. I loved the idea of her going about her day, with a voice of wisdom filling up her home as she wets her hands cleaning dishes or plays on the floor with her son.  I am not sure why it has taken me until this moment to realize how convenient this is for my current lifestyle but I accept that the timing is as it needed to be. Not only can I be filled up with the words filling my home but Cedar or my husband too, even if not consciously.  Reading doesn't come easy to me these days, but this, this I can do.

So I wanted to ask you what some of your favorite Podcasts are.  The ones that shifted everything.  The ones that changed your lives and hearts and if inspired, share a bit about what you learned.

Oh, and...Happy Love Day.  ; )