happy mama's day*


Oh how I adore this image of my marmie and me.  My beautiful French Canadian mama.

Today I am going to share one of my most precious memories of her growing up. Every Spring, I would come in from outside with swollen itchy eyes because I was terribly allergic to pollen.  She would lay my head in her lap and put a damp cold cloth on my eyes and then gently rub my cheeks and my forehead to soothe my sinuses.  She would do this whenever I needed and for a very long time until the ache went away.  I loved those moments with her so so much and I think about them often, especially during Spring when I come in from outside with puffy eyes.  Just her and I laying there in quiet and feeling her soft fingers go round in gentle circles, smelling her musty lotion, hearing the rhythm of her breath. Oh how very safe I felt.  Safe and loved.

What is  one of the most precious memories you hold close of your mother?