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Being truly h{OM}e has meant so many things for me since moving to the Pacific Northwest.  The process of coming home not only was about rooting ourselves as a family but also about coming hOMe to myself.

The past few years were spent in a safe womb in this most Northern part of Washington. It became a surrender to quiet and ease, simple and hush, nourishment and renewal.  

When we first moved here, my reserves were so very low and because I am a deeply sensitive soul, I had to take tender care of me so that I could take tender care of my family. As much as I was so accustom to giving of myself, I couldn't really offer much else more than that.

With all this quiet, my intuition became clearer and I was able to listen deep to what brought me life and to what didn't.  What helped guide me was pretty simple.  It was the question "does this bring me peace?" or as my dear friend would say "is this life bringing?".

It was achy to let go of so much that I identified myself with and yet with all the releasing, the shedding and being left so raw, I have never felt so alive, every cell awakened.  It feels like a re{birth}.  I am emerging from my own safe womb, drenched in the pulsing, nourishing life this cocoon bathed me in and I am ready for a fresh new beginning.

Part of this transformation is a gentle release of the brand that came into my life: Boho Girl.  Its an integral and precious part of my journey: Going from a woman 7 years ago unaware of what a blog was to the creative process of leaving the corporate world, starting my own company, writing my first blog post, designing necklaces, then finding my root in photographing artists all while continuing to share my {in}fertility/adoption journey.  Through it all it was such a gift to eventually be given the endearing nick-name of Boho by the like minded spirits who witnessed, supported and celebrated me. This Boho Girl brand evolved so organically and a movement like that had never happened to me before.  It was all so new and unexpected and healing.

Although today, referring to myself as Boho Girl (online) doesn't feel as close to home the way it used to. The past few years I have emerged as a babe into the fae~lands that surround me.  The energy of the gentler, tender, hushed, softened fae in my world...is what brings me life right now.  Many elements have led me to this transformation, to this re{birth} and it feels so so good and true that it found me within a quiet space and without outside influence. 

My dear friend, Hillary Rain who has been along side me on this journey, encouraged and then graciously offered to help create a new h{OM}e within my online space that emulates this transformation.  Throughout the process of her designing my new space, I have again felt so very witnessed and with that, so much affirmation. Hillary has created a visual soul language throughout my site that emulates the soul of Fae and all that I feel inside and around me.  She is all gift to me, to my family.  Her intuition and connection is so deeply knowing.

With all of this re{birth}, came an ecourse. 

Hillary Rain and I have created a lovechild together and we are deeply in love with this gentle, nourishing offering...

Soulsigh ~ a Sacred Blessingway ~ 
Our course is designed to offer an intimate Blessingway abounding with loving rituals of gentleness, tenderness, wildness, nurture, connection to earth, and adornment to honor our re(birth) and coming h(om)e to ourselves, and to share this journey within a safe cocoon of sisters. We come from a story of not being able to conceive and carry a child (yet) the way our bodies were designed to, and what emerged from our healing and being drawn to one another is honoring our bodies as capable of birthing. Birthing ideas, dreams and even ourselves + souls over and over again as we move throughout life. We then had this epiphany that all women could benefit from such compassion for their souls + bodies, and ritual through the process could be a gentle way to honor it.

Early registration runs through June 15th at a discounted price.

Our premier launch is July 22, 2013 on the full moon. This four-week course follows the cycles of the moon, carrying us through light and dark, swelling and emptying as we love ourselves home. We come alongside you for this journey, humble and vulnerable, sharing our own stories.

I'd love for you to come walk with us...

Welcome to my new h{OM}e.  Its so so nice to have you here.