love notes*


How I feel right now?  Mmmmm...I feel so much of what is quoted here in this note that was sent to me by a friend. These calls from our soul are so rare and precious...I know this deep.  So, I am reveling in it.  This website felt like an unveiling...oh so vulnerable and brave to put it out there for all to see!

Your love notes that have been pouring forth in my inbox. Oh my.  I've been reading each one slowly and mindfully.  How good it feels to get to know you who come here.  Its so healing and life bringing to know who I am sharing my life with in this space.  Thank you.  Thank you for sharing bits about yourself that are sacred and holy to you and thank you for the encouragement and affirmation you have blessed me with for this new space.  I have found myself in tears with my hand to my heart reading how this space has felt to you.  Some notes from dear old and new friends, some from those I've never met feeling emotional with me and offering so much support.

Oh goodness...I was a bit trembly on Wednesday.  Trembly and breathless. The week leading up to it I didn't get much sleep and I would forget to eat (not at all like me!) and I had so much energy pulsing through me.  Much like when you first fall in love and every cell of your body feels utterly consumed with desire.  THAT is very similar to how I felt about my new h{OM}e that Hilary Rain revealed to me and how I feel about our lovechild Soulsigh : A Sacred Blessingway.  

Just IN LOVE and so very alive at this moment.  Grateful to be witnessed in this moment.