dreamy sandbox*


My husband was inspired by this lovely sandbox with seats over at Ana White's website.  She has so many brilliant ideas and its helpful that she lists the plans out to where they are easy to understand.

Him and Cedar stained it together.  I might have chosen a lighter color stain (white or natural) but my boys really dug the redwood color. I am beginning to love the contrast of the reddish stain against all of our lush green.

He had the pieces cut for him at Home Depot and built it inside our living room this week while it rained outside.  So, you don't need a wood shop to do it!  Cedar is just a wee bit thrilled with it (as you can see) and we love that you can close it.  For us, that will keep away all the kitties in our neighborhood from using it as a litter box, which happened to our other sandbox. ; )  The handles on the back make it easy for Cedar to open and close it without hurting his wee fingers in between the wood slats.  Now we have a fun spot for all the neighborhood kids to gather and create sandy worlds.

What I love most are the smudges of stain from Cedar helping to paint it.  The best!

Its just this year that Cedar is exploring sand with this skin and bare feet.  He wasn't able to tolerate that sensation for so long and with a beach a block down the street from our house, he was able to allow the sand onto his skin at a slow pace.  Its so beautiful to see him just sink right in.

My dear husband used the scraps from the sandbox, as well as the handle of an old shovel and some wood from a vintage ironing board to create a Titanic for Cedar (below).  I will share in another blog post Cedar's connection to the Titanic.  Its so intriguing and needs a space all on its own to share.