a gentle opening of a door*

:: something i tried this morning and it feels sooo romantic ::

:: something i tried this morning and it feels sooo romantic ::

Who needs a screen door? ; )  Mmmm...soft wind breezing through my home.


Speaking of doorways, for those who were unable to join our Soulsigh circle this Summer, we are opening the gentle door again for another dance around the moon on September 16th

We begin our premier launch of our course tomorrow and both Rain and I have soul shivers and belly flutters.  We were up very late last night, emotional, vulnerable and giddy like new parents about to birth a baby.  We've always referred to this as our creative lovechild and we've welcomed and honored the rhythms of emotion that ebb and flow as we carried and birthed this precious babe together.

It feels vulnerable revealing and opening the sacred doors into our Soulsigh h(OM)e.   We've poured so much of our hearts and spirits into this and its felt like we've been dancing in a quiet, holy, sacred realm, just her and I and the guests that offered their own heart and wisdom.  Now the circle opens and connects and oh how ready and thrilled we are!  

There has been so many beautiful and kind hearted words sent our way about how those that have witnessed just our website alone, already feel a transformation and a pull.  We felt so strongly that we needed to have the course again...for those that were sad to be on vacation or needing to save a bit more and the plethora of reasons why it wasn't the right time.  We are humbled.  Truly humbled.

Today my boys, our puppy and I are hiking to a waterfall.  They are preparing for our adventure as I type this.  I'm going to think about each and every one of the participants that are circling with us tomorrow and send blessings and gratitude of flowers, twigs, leaves and stones to them down the waterfall path...Mmmmm.