our holy hush*

Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair.
— Khalil Gibran

A few weekends ago we all had this strong desire to travel an hour to the mountains to sink our toes into snow.  We knew we could find little patches here and there.  So into the car we went.  It would be our new puppy Salish's first trip to the mountains and longest trip in the car yet.  We tucked her into her car crate with a soft bed and a few of her favorite chewy toys.  She was very relaxed and slept most of the way, which was a pleasant surprise for all of us. 

Cedar sang us songs as we drove through the beautiful lush green mountains.  We stopped at our favorite mountain town at a darling woodsy restaurant that is owned by a young earthy family.  They and their two children (7 and 5 years old) live on the top of the restaurant, so their children come out to say hello and play.  There is a sweet little wooden playhouse out front and a miniature picnic table and trees to climb.  Cedar is shy to engage with other children and his social nervousness can sometimes mean using voices like a kitty voice or a monster or a robot.  Many kids look at him sideways and walk away but these two darling sprites just went along with it and seemed to get him.  Its moments like these that I find myself gulping my tears back.  I know Cedar will find his kindreds throughout his life.   

Wherever we stop, Salish is adored by strangers.  She has such a sweet temperament with other animals and humans.  Her greyish blue eyes are so soulful and they pull people in.  Its so fun to share her with others. 

We got back in the car after our break and as soon as we saw our first patch of snow, we pulled over so Cedar could feel it.  We were letting our puppy go potty, so we weren't paying attention and all of a sudden we look to our left and see Cedar on top of a huge jagged hill saying "this is soooo beautiful, come see!!!" and we walked up the hill to find the most breathtaking view of Mount Baker.  We decided to keep going off the beaten path and more and more of this holy hush was revealed.  We finally found our way to a path that led to a visitor center at the top of a hill and more trails down to bridges and rushing water and waterfalls coming down from the mountains and snow, lots of snow and sunshine and wild wild flowers!

Every cell of my being felt alive.  I didn't know whether to cry or laugh or sing or dance. In front of me on the path were my beautiful boys and near me was my sweet dog and all of us were in quiet awe. 

I remember screaming "THIS IS BEAUTIFUL!!!" and hearing my voice echo.   Then I kept hearing the song from Sound of Music in my head "The hills are alive with the sound of music!".  It was honestly one of the most breathtaking, gorgeous places I have ever laid eyes on and I am from Northern California.  I have been to Yosemite and the Big Sur coast and never have I been this spellbound.  Perhaps it was because it was so very unexpected.  We had only planned to play a bit in some patches of snow.  We had no idea we were going to hike for three hours (good thing we brought lots of food and water).

At one point, we were able to take the leash off of Salish and she followed near us, very protective of Cedar.  If he stopped, she would stop.  If we walked a bit ahead of him, she would not budge until Cedar was ahead so she could see where he was.  If Cedar went off the beaten path, she would run and follow him.  Once she barked when he started climbing a jagged rock.  We are just so amazed at their bond when Salish is still only 16 weeks old.  This connection is exactly what he needs, so deeply and her temperament is what he needs and it is what we hoped for.   His spirit has longed for a companion and our hearts led us to find her.

We actually went again this past weekend!  This place has become our holy hush.  Its only 1.5 hours away and there are still so many trails to venture on.  This past weekend I was feeling a bit nauseous for some reason, so we did a lot of resting on the side of the trail near the water.  Salish got a swimming lesson and my husband jumped in himself.  Cedar walked up and down this sweet little water fall that was near us where daisies were floating in.  We met two kind hearted young women on the path that had a new 10 week old puppy and him and Salish played for a long time near the water.

It was bliss and I truly felt like these two days were some of the happiest in my entire life.  There is such a holy energy there.  I felt so close to God and Mama Nature and also to the little girl within that always imagined heaven to look this way. 

And my sweet sensitive boy.  On the path he stopped and drew in the dirt with his stick saying the words "Dear Mother Nature, I am in love with you." 

I am in love with you too.