the next Soulsigh...

self portrait from ecourse::

self portrait from ecourse::

Our four week premier launch of Soulsigh is coming to an end this week and Rain and I couldn't be more spellbound and left deeply inspired and healed and soul shivery. 

Mmmm...the soulFULL women that gathered for this blessingway allowed themselves to be nourished and nurtured and gently witnessed while offering that witness and nourishment to the sisters that circled.  Its just brought me to my knees in gratitude and awe.  

We wanted to see how this course flowed in our veins and within the group before announcing another launch but after just a few weeks we knew.  We knew women needed this, just as much as we did. 


Rain and I called each other several times in tears, just utterly moved and touched by the process and what was being unveiled through these women as they journeyed through our ecourse prompts and their truth was gently revealed.  It felt so beyond us. We knew we were just the vessels and we trusted what would come forth would bring life to all who joined.  

I really feel led by authentic magic and love when you two lead the way. The site, with it’s “portals”, thrills me each time and makes me feel that I am lifting veils and dipping into tunnels...into the mists of avalon...following the giggling fairies to a place where I am *invited*!!!!!! Thank you, universe for leading me to Soulsigh and thank you Hillary Rain and Denise for leading me to wide open spaces and tiny, hidden nooks. Thank you for *leading*. Thank you. You have my *love* and my deep respect. xoxo
— Jennifer

soulsigh in the Fall*

We are having another Soulsigh Blessingway starting October 14th.  For all those who reached out that couldn't make it during the Summer because of vacation...this is for you.  And to all who have wrote us emails that they needed just one more month to save.  And to all who have felt Soulsigh cradled in their heart since the moment they discovered it.  We would be honored to walk, sit, lay, dance, rock, twirl, leap, swim near you this time around.