I'm remembering.


Something is shifting in me.  Transformation that feels full circle.  A returning.

The other day I was standing in my yard and suddenly this very powerful wind swept through our sweet little village.  It was warm and swirled around me, lifted my hair high and silenced me.  I couldn't help but close my eyes and feel its energy. It was as if the earth was swaying along with it yet I was somehow rooted, still and centered. For me, this wind carried with it a consciousness of truth, a wild hush that can only be felt, not spoken because I felt heard and seen.  I felt a sweet confirmation in my soul that I am exactly where I am.   I just am.  Here.


Then my friend sent me this post by mystic mamma today and it so deeply spoke to the place I am in. 

Virgo is the sign of healing and service and as we continue to do the internal work of self-healing, we come to know and remember who we really are. Beyond our story, beyond the ego, we are humbled by the remembrance of who we are and from this place we naturally extend forth in service. It is time to be who we are, and tune in to how we can serve.
— mystic mamma

September is my birth month.  I will be 42 and as ancient as that may seem to me when I look back on all I have journeyed through, I have never felt closer and more in touch with the little girl inside of me.  

My few years of hush, of more solitude than I've ever allowed myself to have, I have heard her more clearly and it turns out as much as I've spent years trying to prove to the world (or more to myself) that I'm a grown up, truly...its the wise little girl within me that makes the most sense.  She really knows what she desires and what brings her life and what connects her to Spirit ... before the world and its influence and her empathic self forgot or couldn't hear or see as clearly.

Her. Me.  Full circle. 

Just watch our young children.  They just know themselves and how to honor their needs and how to give of themselves that doesn't feel depleting but rather fills them with life.

I'm remembering.