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marissa's meditation space

marissa's meditation space

Em{path}: The Path of a Healer

Hello gorgeous souls. I am Marissa from Moondaughter. I am so honored to be here today. I wanted to talk about a path, I am sure a lot of you walk down every day. It is the path of empathy.

Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of others. However, this generic definition only skims the surface of this potent ability. 

I consider myself an Empath. This is someone who vividly takes in the energy and emotions of others, so much so that it can actually be mistaken for their own. Empaths are so open to others’ energies, boundaries are most certain to be crossed and blurred. And as women, I feel we are instinctually open and apt to this sense.

Empathy is my sixth sense. I call this a sense because I know I physically feel other’s energies within my body in the physical realm as well as energetically. I do not have a great sense of smell; my taste buds are sensitive and bland. I do have great vision and pretty good hearing, but my empathy sense is potent and hard to contain.

In my 9-5 job, I am an assistant to a nurse case manager and we work with worker’s comp claims. When my boss explains some of the injuries to me, I feel the sensations of pain and tingling within those body parts. Sometimes they become so overwhelming I have to ask her to stop. I even sometimes feel them when I am speaking with the patient over the phone. Could I be crazy? Maybe.  However, when this feeling takes over, it completely overwhelms every other sense and all I can do is be in this moment with this individual. I do not think it is coincidence I chose the healer’s path.

To the healer, this path can be so rewarding, fulfilling and inspiring, with empathy leading the way. However it can be on the opposite spectrum of draining and taxing if we are not careful. 

My boyfriend is in a basketball league. I watch every Sunday and it is so fun and exciting to see them in action. A while back someone rammed their elbow right into my boyfriend’s sternum. It wasn’t broken, but bruised and he was in pain for several weeks after that. And his sternum started to pop whenever he stretched. I gave him reiki, laid crystals on his chest, and eventually it all disappeared. But now my sternum pops and it never used to! I believed I absorbed some of his pain and symptoms. I am even feeling sensations in my sternum as I type this right now. 

I literally feel them in my bones.

I knew as a healer I needed to protect myself so I can keep helping others while I sustain my own energy. I use the moon as my compass, stones as my companions, and intuition as my voice. I have found what works for me through exploring and keeping my mind and heart open. Smoky Quartz never leaves my side, grounding meditations are a must, Full Moons I share, and New Moons I hide. 

I wish to help other Em{paths} and Healers through my course Lunar Flow. Moon Energies really connect 

us to ourselves and as we observe these ebbs and flows we can find a path to nourish our sensitive bones.

This course starts on the New Moon of September 5 activities, prompts, and meditations to dive into to create a sustaining path for you as you heal the 

world. There is community support from me and other healers through a private Facebook Forum as well as a private site and weekly emails. 

We will touch on the Maiden // Mother // Crone energies and how they weave into your life. We will sit around the campfire and tell our stories. I want to hear yours. 

This course is accredited and is also the foundational course of my certification program for all the healers out there. If you wish to be a part of this program you can sign up here for a discounted price. 

The course is $50 for 4 weeks or a discounted rate if you wish to be in my program. Within the program we will explore Tarot, Crystal Healing, and the Chakras. But first, we lay the foundations in Lunar Flow.

Sign up here for just Lunar Flow.

The path of Empathy is one of compassion, love, and courage. Aligning and working with this sense, we can heal others and ourselves. It is a beautiful ebb and flow and I cannot wait to work with you.

What sustains you through empathetic energies? 

So much love and healing to you,

Marissa Moondaughter

 {special note from Denise :: as an empath myself, i resonate so deeply with this and found it so very helpful marissa, thank you.  it feels so good to meet others with this "sixth sense" and to not feel alone.  so so grateful.}