photo from istock.com

Many of you yummies are asking if I indeed decided to get dreads. Well YES I have! Weeeee! I made the appointment to get crocheted dreadlocks for August 1st. I absolutely adore the stylist and we have exchanged a few emails and have had one juicy phone conversation. She is such a kindred! She has actually started to read my blog, which is super fun and wonderful because I will be sitting in her chair for up to 6 hours and we can get down to the real juicy juice now that knows much of my story. You know how new stylists ask you a plethora of questions about your life? Well, this allows space for her to share about her...which I will love more.

The photo I attached is the one I showed her that resonates with me most (the blond on the right). She loves it and said this is her favorite way of doing dreads; sort of a soft, natural, untamed, flowy and romantic look, much like hers are.

So, August 1st people!! Light your candles and send me some magic. I already bought my first dread bead to bring to the appointment for the one dread my stylist chooses. I want her to be the first friendship bead. My girly friends are each going to put one in my hair as well so I can carry around a little tribe of love in my new messy locks.

So ready for this new journey. I love my hair, always have and this is one way of loving it more. My hair and I have been longing for something new and funky and this just feels so right. My husband is excited too and I know, I KNOW Cedar will love to pull on them and teeth on the beads. So truly, fun will be had for all.

Thank you so much for your love and support through this decision making process. It meant the world to me to share it with all of you.

A friend of mine that lives in the city where I am getting them said she would document the process. I feel so blessed that she offered. I will be sure to share!