cedar's first trip to the zoo!








It truly is a whole new experience for us when we're seeing something through Cedar's eyes. I honor him so much in that he teaches us to patiently observe all that is happening around us.

Living in the city near busy freeways, we unfortunately don't get a lot of nature with the exception of the beach now and then. Boho Boy and I love camping and we look forward to doing this with him when we feel Cedar is ready. There is just something about the forest that calls to our spirits.

We are learning Cedar is much the same. Whenever we've been around a lot of trees, Cedar is in meditating heaven. When the wind touches his face and the leaves dance about, he closes his eyes and breathes in (he's done this since birth and we marvel every single time). So, on this particular day at the zoo, there was a sweet breeze and while riding on his daddy's shoulders, he kept breathing it in with his eyes closed. He teaches us to do the same.

I learned how very brave he is. When watching the Gorillas up close, most all of the children cried and screamed when they came running towards them and plopping their huge hairy bodies right up to the glass. Not Cedar. No...he waves his arms about, pounds on the glass and talks out to the Gorillas with a big smile and look of wonder. Almost as if he was saying..."Come closer, come hug me tight! You're sooooo cuddly cute!" Although, one of his favorite books that he loves us to read to him is "Little Gorilla", so perhaps he's all down with their mojo and feels part of their tribe.

So, since walking through this zoo is like walking through a rainforest; being out in nature with actual trees, we decided to get a family pass. Now we can go as much as we desire and Cedar can believe we have Gorillas in our backyard.

{On another note...you can find me here at my dear friend Em's blog for 52 questions! I hope this question creates some juicy images within for you.}