a kiss for all of you.

me right now, taken with phone.

Here is a kiss for all of you. It is me, snuggling up in the blanket my sis made for Cedar. This is me post long luxurious bath. I never find the time to take baths any more. Well, that's not true...I do take one with Cedar but that's different. That's not luxurious. That is full of splashing and playing with bath toy friends and feeling nervous he will slip under the water, so I am holding him tight the whole time (part of our shower door is stuck, so I can't kneel on the floor to wash him, I have to get right in). Luxurious to me means baby is napping. Husband is upstairs working and I have nowhere else to be. It means face scrubs and masks and closing my eyes and dreaming until my skin gets pruned. It means getting out and putting lotion on every orifice of my body. It means coming out to baby still napping and I get to rock in this chair and stare out the window and do more daydreaming. I rarely get this time. So you better believe I am marinating in it. Also wanted to share it with you.

I know I have been quiet the last few days. Like I said, I love storms and give me some thunder and lightening and I am a giddy little girl. We don't get storms in these parts, so its been a treat for me. Storms give you the perfect excuse to light a fire, drink hot chocolate, read books, snuggle on the couch and cancel all of your plans. More storms, please.

Haiti has been in my heart. I watched the fundraiser show for them last night. Pretty amazed at how fast some of these Hollywood peeps have written songs in a matter of days. Some were extremely moving. I am not completely into Beyonce but hers moved me. Especially with the image of a halo over Haiti. I smiled when they let us listen in on some of the donation lines, when someone would chat with a celebrity. "Oh hey Steven Spielberg, what up?" I loved it even more that the topics remained focused on Haiti...and the Haitian families and children and all that is needed over there. I am hoping the topics didn't veer off..."Oh, i loved you in that film..."...or..."I think you're really hot." You know? But if I did call and McSteamy answered the phone, it might be hard to not to sound like an idiot. ; ) If this happened before Cedar, I would definitely want to go out there. I know true skills are needed but besides photography (which might feel weird), I could be that person that comforts, that holds hands and strokes backs and listens and cries with them and helps wash their infants and braids their hair and puts their children to bed with a story of hope. Would those be considered skills? That is where my heart is and that is where I want to be other than snuggling close with my husband and son.

I also wanted to answer a few questions that were asked of me recently by quite a few of you. I am not sure if you go back to read the answers in my comments, so thought I'd do it here:

Question: "Will Cedar meet his bio sibling(s)?"
Answer: We are hoping so. They are with a beautiful family and we do have a connection to them via our adoption consultant/dear friend Tammy, although we are not in touch yet. I often dream of Cedar having close relationships with them in the future, throughout his life. There are a myriad of emotions surrounding this, with all involved, so it will take time and gentleness and comfort and openness and understanding and respect. I am praying, hoping we will all connect when the time feels right. Now that I have shared this with you, I may delve more into those emotions I am speaking of.

Question: "What do you use on your skin?"
Answer: Origins! All of their products are natural and paraben free and after a few years of trying to find the right fit...these products suit me perfectly. I made an appointment with one of their people at an Origins store nearby and they helped me find the products that were perfect for my skin. I use cleanser, toner, day and night moisturizers, face scrub, eye cream and a mask.

Question: "Where do you get your drawstring pants?"
Answer: Sweetgrass. I heart all of their hemp/bamboo pants (Vagabond & Artesian & Bamboo Cropped are my fave) and their long drawstring skirt. I wait for sales. Also, for a Christmas gift, my marmie bought me the Omgirl Nomad Pant and I looooove them. I also really dig Treehouse28's wide leg pant.

Question: "How do you get that vintage/ethereal look to your photos?"
Answer: I tend to photograph my subjects with light behind them. I always use natural light...morning is my fave. I play and play and play with layers in Photoshop. I do sometimes use the ever so special Jesh de Rox's "Enlighten" actions and also a bit of Lily Blue's actions. Then I play with the opacity in each layer to give it my personal style. I also sometimes bump up my ISO to give it a grainy/blurry look and over expose via the light meter for a washed out look. Other than that...I am not at all techie enough to tell you what else to do. ; )

Speaking of Treehouse28...we are doing a sponsor giveaway in a few days. So...keep looking!

{yes, i am wearing the same shirt in the last few photos. my sister told me that this color blue brightens my face. so what do i do? wear it every day. hee. this is my only shirt this color. everything else is so muted. perhaps i should wear brighter things...}