Dear Janssen's...






bella & sara

sara & her bebe lucy, scooping up curry goodness in our kitchen

cedar, sara & bella inside their RV

inside of RV
inside of RV, serious faces discussing traffic we're about to face on highway. ; )

Being with Sara and her family tonight was so serendipitous. So wonderful to rest into their way of wholesome living when coming off of a cleanse. She is rich with wisdom on being mindful of all that goes into her body and extends that wisdom into being gentle with precious Mother Earth.

I am excited to drool over her food blog. So totally inspired by her conscious choices with food and presentation and love infused wholesomeness for her fam.

Being with them brings a whole new perspective on living wildly. So intriguing how they live in their gorgeous RV that runs on veggie oil, tour around the country, connecting with like minded spirits and communing with nature. Their 5 year old daughter Bella gave us a quick tour of their home and oh my...Sara has done wonders with making it funky and full of character. They are all about possibility and thinking outside of the box. It feels so contagious. It just shifts things. Opens you up. You want to ride on the energy of their positive force.

Of course my gypsy spirit is so tempted. Lets do it honey. Lets just sell our house and buy a Boho RV and make it into a home and travel the world. Seriously! I am in and I feel so honored and blessed that if we did choose to take this leap, we have such special people in our lives to help guide us.

Dear Janssen' ROCK our worlds. Thank you for being the change our world needs...and thank you for not minding when Cedar kept petting Bebe Lucy like she was a kitty. ; )

A few photos taken by Sara & Matt...