in his closet.


making wrapping paper.



sea world

dressed up for dinner.
{this one came in blurry but is the only one i have of him in this oufit, which i adore}

cedar & sand.

cedar in his thai pants
this was when we first got the Thai fisherman pant. he is so much taller now!

Many of you have asked me where I get Cedar's clothes and have shared that they look super comfy and earthy. So, I wanted to share some linkies.

Cedar is just like Boho Boy in that he has really sensitive skin. It gets easily irritated by fabric that isn't soft and cuddly. I have to be cautious of that with him. I also try to get as much organic as I can as a way of living greener, although sometimes because of our budget, I have to settle for comfy and inexpensive. I am fortunate that I can do that at a baby resale shop down the street. Our part of re-using but I do pick up random bits from Target here and there.

My family has been so awesome and aware of his sensitivities and they tend to spoil him with the soft, organic and stylish goodies.

When Cedar was an infant, his favorite seemed to be LovedBaby. He was the model for their postcards and future catalog, so we were fortunate to be able to play with a bunch of different styles. EVERYTHING is crazy soft and beautiful but they stop at 12 months and he was out of 12 month clothing at 10 months. ; )

Right are some of our favorite duds:

His amber teething necklace with super healing powers comes from Inspired by Finn.

Fisherman pants from Thailand at After Shower Shop (we have almost every color).

Yoga pants & Long sleeve shirts from from Makrista Baby (again...have almost every color).

Yoga pants and a long sleeve tee from Positively Organic (he was wearing this outfit in the photo posted with him holding a pine cone, below...).

Cedar has two long sleeve shirts from BabyBe (one is in the photo above where he is drawing).

We have a linen medieval hoodie and terracotta pants from Adatine that are so very gorgeous.

Kicky pants has the softest bamboo clothing EVER.

BabySoy has the cutest kimonos and knotted hats that he wore all the time as an infant. He now wears their tees and sleevless shirts (their sleeveless one is pictured in the image of him on my lap, as well as the last photo above).

The only shoes he will allow us to put on his big chubby feet are Bobux Shoes (got ours at Whole Foods Market).

We loved Everyday Beautiful's gnome hat.

The organic line from Baby Gap (they have temporarily discontinued but are apparently bringing it back soon) is wonderful. We also love their toddler tees that are prewashed and extremely soft. Cedar has no irritations with them. He wears their white long sleeve onesies under all of his tees.

TwoOwls has wonderful pants. I found this line at our Whole Foods.

Speesees also carries fabulous colors and styles. Cedar got a pair of pants and a few onesies as a gift when he was an infant and we wore it out.

I've never bought anything from Natural Baby...but I've wanted to and dream about it often. Everything looks so baby bum soft.

I try my best to follow his lead as far as style with his personality.


So, now that I am done with that, I am looking forward to sharing with you about a new journey I am on. It has to do with a fresh new way of eating and thinking and being and how my energy is slowly making a come back. I'm also feeling more clear headed and can form a sentence out of my mouth without pausing and trying to gather my thoughts. Good stuff!

If any of you would like to share your soft, cuddly organic baby/toddler clothes loves, do so in the comments!