walk to park
cedar, 18 months

Cedar is very tall for his age. All the kids at the park approach him, assuming he can climb and jump and carry on conversations and when they find out he can't do it at their more grown up level, they look at me dumbfounded and run off.

Today he found another one just like him. A girl, his age, his height, being followed by her incredibly tall father. She chased after Cedar. They grunted together. They studied one another. The father and I giggled and shared about how its a challenge at the park, with a tall baby.

He boogied again today when the ice cream truck drove up to the park. I am trying to get it on video for you.

Two blog readers sent me an email today that they had a dream about Cedar last night. One of them told me he was a musician. Four other people have written me in the past with visions of Cedar as a musician when he is older. What was different about today's email is that she said he was tall, wearing skinny pants, a white tee and a green waistcoat, carrying a guitar. Nice. Love that.

I'm 5'2. This is going to be fun having my son tower over me when he is 12. ; )

{vlog coming soon to talk about the new Kind Diet i am on}.