me, our picnic table we just painted and our buttercups

I have carried all of your comments on my previous post with me over the last few days.  They have been so healing for me.  So empowering.  In many ways.  A few days ago, we were needing to pick up some ingredients for dinner.  I had remembered there was a Wednesday farmers market down the street that we had yet to go to.  I wanted us to stop there first to get some greens.  We had no idea that there would be music there.  When on the way, I felt a bit rushed about getting groceries and heading back home to cook dinner but getting out of the car and hearing that acoustic guitar shifted things for me.  So did seeing a bunch of people laying on the grass.  I suggested we pause and just hang out for a while.  So my mother in law went into the bookstore and me and my boys laid on the grass.  I took a deep breath and slowly looked around at my new town folk and all of the tents full of art and earth and eco-love.  As the singer strummed her guitar and my son crawled into my lap and began swaying, I couldn't hold back the tears behind my huge vintage sunglasses.  I tried to tighten my chest to stop the tears but then I remembered all of your comments.  I let the tears flow.  Boho Boy sat down near me with some indian food and he took one look at me wiping beneath my glasses and knew. "Are you happy, honey?" he asked me.  I said "Yes. I am. Happy." The rest of the time we sat there in silence and together as a family, just allowed this moment to Be.

Thank you all for giving me permission to revel in this space we are in.

Below is a video of that time together.  I stepped back to record Cedar dancing to the woman playing guitar.  As soon as I pressed record, he stopped dancing but instead, I ended up capturing a really sweet, intimate moment between him and Boho Boy.  A moment that brought on the tears for him too, under his sunglasses.  I think you'll be able to feel it too.