orange & blue*

In my Color Theory class in design school, I learned that orange and blue are opposites on the color wheel, which makes all tones and hues of these colors complementary to one another. I promise I wasn't planning this when we decided to get Cedar an ice cream cone. But I am really happy about the colors and cuteness here!

Another thing I learned (WE learned) is to not give Cedar orange sherbert from an ice cream parlor for a very very long time. He went WILD with a sugar rush (we don't typically give him sugar, just honey). I think he went to bed at midnight this night. It was both hilarious and every morsel of his body needed to be moving for hours. I know if he could have done them, he would have done a million back flips. I will just stick to giving him my homemade orange dreamsicles with Dynamo juice (from Trader Joes) and vanilla rice milk thankyouverymuch.  My sweet wild child.

I heart complementary colors together.  Something to think about when you're designing your home.