self soothing chant*

As long as we can remember, Cedar has closed his eyes when wanting to savor something, whether it be food or a song he is singing or music/instruments he is listening to or when he is swinging in a swing.  Moments that move him.

This was our first canoe ride outside of the bay that is down the street from our home.  This time we had to drive to our destination and pull the canoe down to a dock.  The cliffs towered above him, the islands surrounded us. He was a bit afraid and unsure as the waters had more movement than the calm waters near our home.  This is how he chose to calm himself.  The organic lollipop he found in my purse helped too.  It totally worked as a pretty microphone. ; )

I love the way he self soothes.  It reaches into a place inside of him that is so ancient and deep.  Then he opens his eyes and its back into the present world of childlike play..."Airplane!".  ; )