so much gratitude*

{my boys in tickle love}

I just finished packing our bags for a long weekend in Victoria, BC. Our honey*moon spot. The place we go each Summer because we are drawn to its beauty and energy. And the healthy food and yerba mate latte's are divine! ; )

Before I head out for respite and play, I wanted to come here to express my gratitude for the comments in my previous post. Gratitude for the rainbow of love, support, wisdom, websites, books, videos and most of all your own stories so bravely, vulnerably and gorgeously told. Talk about WHOLEistic goodness!! My husband and I have been truly awed. We've had to read just a few at a time, marinate in them and savor the nuggets that feel right for our hearts. I am so often brought to tears at the community of beautiful hearts that are attracted to this space and how it feels safe for not only me but for all those who feel inspired to share their own unique voice. Its such a deep and soulful practice: Hearing, listening to our own intuition while honoring wisdom from those that care deeply for us. We feel so very blessed.

Love and light to each of you this weekend. Get some good ol' tickling in!